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Run business travel bleasure on autopilot with the ultimate hotel booking solution.
One platform, all things hotel
Book, manage and enjoy hotels with corporate travel technology straight from the future.
This is how you turn business into ongoing, budget-saving pleasure.
Own your travel

Book over 2 million hotels anywhere from a single platform, with free support 24/7.

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Manage it right

Enforce travel policy, consolidate payments, and optimize travel spend with quality data

Save time & money

Save up to 30% with the industry’s lowest rates. And the platform is completely free!

Designed for every travel style
Whether you book in-house or rely on a travel agency or TMC, Peep Travel will hike up everyone’s speed, efficiency and motivation.
Road warrior

I book the hotels I like, and never need to bring back invoices, cards or reimbursement forms

Travel manager

It’s so easy to stay within policy, and the low rates certainly help! Support is fantastic and always available.

Finance manager

Employees are actually using the platform. I get all invoices from one vendor, and all data in one place.

Automate trips from anticipation to afterglow

Put all travel under one roof

Never type a passport number or CVV code again. Set-and-forget traveler profiles, docs and payment methods. Experiment with travel policies to maximize compliance and optimize travel spend.


Book hotels at jaw-dropping rates

Find the perfect hotel room by price, location, amenities, and even carbon footprint. Know you’re getting the very best price with instant rates compared side by side.

Hotels with instant confirmation
Countries and territories
B2B room wholesalers with the best rates
Major and less major leisure providers and OTAs
Payment vouchers

Journey without cards and papers

Forget saving receipts, emailing invoices, or paying with personal cards. Just focus on your trip! We deal with your hotel directly, issuing vouchers for all booked rooms and extras.


Horse21pro (on voucher) Pay at hotel
Lodge card acceptance (100%)
Credit card acceptance (100%)
Virtual card acceptance (100%)
Credit line (periodic payment on account)
Credit card guarantee required
Booking is charged After checkout At checkout
Reimbursement Not required Required
No fraud risk

Consolidate billing and data

Get invoices from a single provider or, in some cases, a single monthly invoice. Optimize travel spend with real-time visibility and powerful reporting features.

Personal trip support 24/7
You’re safe and sound at every step. Our handpicked travel experts are there for you for emergencies, cancellations, and even group bookings.